Beginnings, endings.
Time passes.
An inquisitive nature.
Awareness. The strangeness of existence.
Apparent lack of purpose, meaning.
Emptiness, and what to do with it.

Learning to be human.
Imagination. Hand-eye coordination.
Materials. Pigments.
The mind's eye. Seeing things which don’t yet exist.
Willing their existence.
Conjuring something out of nothing.

River of time. Traces of our existence left behind.
Markers. Interwoven with the planet's evolution.
A tale of impermanence. The temporary nature of order.
The desire to leave a mark is strong.
The will to leave an enduring impression.

Frameworks, systems.
Invented parameters. We make our world.
We imagine alternative worlds.
Extra dimensions. Parallel universes. Heaven and Hell.
Our own future.
The mind is limitless, like space.

Naming things. Signification. Objects. People. Actions.
Abstract to concrete.
A kind of reality in an illusory world.
Or illusion in a real world.

Signs and symbols.
Recognition. Interpretation. Context.
Processing information. Rationalising.
Brains large and small.
Navigation. Order.
Survival in an irrational world.

We are nature.
All things belong to the natural world.
Our creations.
Washing machines. Lunar landers. Internal combustion.
More people.
Nature is not something. It is everything.

Identity. A name.
A timeline of actions, memories.
An image of oneself. An impression formed by others.
Appearance in constant evolution. A continuous flow.
Throw out excess baggage. Unlearn. Open the door.
Who are we?
Anybody's guess.

The messenger.
Reason. Enlightenment. Understanding.
Mystery and deception. Clarity. And obfuscation.
Our universe through a veil of mist.

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First Person

A working life.
Chance and coincidence.
The vaguest of plans.
London in its ungentrified splendour
Seemed like the place
Back then.
Nowhere else in mind.
Damp streets, beer and cigarettes,
Local boozers and cheap curry houses.
The cries of rag and bone men.
Novelty in abundance.
A leftover religious work ethic
Embedded in the culture.

Survival as a commercial artist.
The dread of deadlines.
Learning on the job.
Sequential shorthand.
Getting high on Magic Markers and adrenaline.
Until the energy ran out.
Abstract questions. Graphic solutions.
Rewiring the brain.
Thought patterns faxed long distance.
Magical instantaneous transmission.
Opportunities arising,
New destinies on the horizon.
NYC on a crystal clear winter's day.
Night walking in the City of Light.
Countless places of the imagination.

Learning useful skills in provincial England.
Type proofs and Cow Gum. Ruling pens and Indian ink.
Designers gouache, Series 3a brushes.
An apprenticeship of sorts.
Day Returns to Paddington.
Galleries on quiet Saturday mornings.
Ads in Studio International.
Vinyl from Dobells. Musical inspiration.

Evolution, the most recent.
London's gravity keeps its hold
While the soul feels restless.
Survival as an uncommercial artist.
No demands from the outside world.
Self propelled.
A journey into the past.
A search for something lost, unquantifiable.
Early uprisings from the unconscious
Resonating through subsequent years.
Looking to find a balance
In the city of life.
Daily recalibration.
Avoiding the void.
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Richard Beards lives and works in London. 


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